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Boys Soccer Preview:
Edgewood Shows Strength in Speed

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

By Ron Wence
Edgewood Varsity Boys Coach

[The Edgewood Eagles] are looking for all-star years from Keith Swingle, Alec Walker, Mike Muckley, and Brandon Cohen. The team will be extremely fast up front. Walker should be able to control the midfield with plenty of support players around him. The defense is the question, can Muckley bring together the young group in the back?

This year we are hoping to be competitive within the conference. With such a diverse new group, it will take a few games to see how the team will come together.

Here is most likely my roster for this year:

Chris Blackmore12fwdreturning varsity player
Brandon Cohen12fwdreturning starter (7 goals last year)
Jeff Kaviani12fwdreturning varsity player
Sean Keegan12mfnew player
Steve Kennard12mffrom JV
Dave Nicoll12deffrom JV
Alec Walker12mfreturning starter (3 goals last year)
Mike Coller11deffrom JV
Dan Pangborne11defreturning varsity player
Kevin Sontos11mffrom JV
Mike Muckley10defreturning starter
Keith Swingle10GKreturning starter
Joe Banks9defnew player
Sean Geary9fwdnew player
Mike Ocbo9defnew player
Erik Schmid9mfnew player
Ian Simmons9mfnew player
Pete Vizzi9mfnew player

Brandon Cohen

Mike Muckley

Photos by Gregg Williams

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