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High School Wrestling:
Edgewood Wins Big By Forfeits

Saturday, January 9, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

Saturday's match between Camden and Edgewood was a very fast match. Camden forfeited 9 of the 14 weight classes, which gave the match to Edgewood. The five matches that were held were all first round pins.


The first match, at 103, had Edgewood's Stephon Thompson pin Manuel Holmes. This made the score Edgewood 6 - Camden 0. The second, at 112, had Camden's Raphael Garcia pin Edgewood's Maurice Toole to tie the match at 6 point each. The third match, at 119, had Camden's Leo Fingeroa pin Edgewood's David Vassie. The score was now Camden 12 - Edgewood 6. Camden then had to forfeit the next 4 weight classes, which gave wins to Edgewood's Mike Sarnoski (125), Chuck Mauriello (130), Mike Barry (135), and Rob Lowe (140). This increased Edgewood's lead to 30 to 12.

The fourth match, at 145, had Edgewood's Derek Shaffer pin Cliffton Hinds. The lead was now 36 - 12. In the last match, at 152, Camden's Abdul Smith pinned Steve Hekerski. This made the score Edgewood 36 - Camden 18. Edgewood won the next 5, by forfeit, Kawan McCord (160), Darnell Mangum (171), Roy Hester (189), Dan Stahl (215) and Bob Mazzeo (275). This increased Edgewood's lead to the final score of 66 to 18.

Photos by Boog Williams

WEdgeCam22thumb.jpg WEdgeCam21thumb.jpg WEdgeCam20thumb.jpg WEdgeCam19thumb.jpg WEdgeCam18thumb.jpg WEdgeCam17thumb.jpg WEdgeCam16thumb.jpg WEdgeCam15thumb.jpg WEdgeCam14thumb.jpg WEdgeCam13thumb.jpg WEdgeCam12thumb.jpg WEdgeCam11thumb.jpg WEdgeCam09thumb.jpg WEdgeCam08thumb.jpg WEdgeCam06thumb.jpg WEdgeCam04thumb.jpg WEdgeCam03thumb.jpg WEdgeCam00thumb.jpg


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