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High School Boys Basketball:
Bishop Eustace Outlasts Edgewood In Opener

Friday, December 18, 1998

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

The 1998-99 boys basketball season is now in progress. With the NBA not playing, why not go and support the local kids in your area as they play a very competitive, fast paced, game? (Click here to see video of the tip off between Bishop Eustace and Edgewood.) The game between the Crusaders and the Eagles was a perfect example.


The rumor floating around the gym at Edgewood was that the Eagles would be blown out by 60+ points, because the #1 ranked team in South Jersey was coming. The game started with both teams going up and down the court and rushing some shots. Bishop Eustace jumped out to a 7-point lead and some of the fans worried that this was the end of the game. The Edgewood team would not give up and tied the score at 16 -16 with 6:10 left to the half. At the end of the half, the score was Bishop Eustace 27 - Edgewood 20. It was a close game for what was supposed to be a blowout, according to some of the fans.

In the second half, Bishop Eustace turned up the defense and shut down the Edgewood team. They used a very aggressive full court press and would not let Edgewood get set for an open shot. The defense only let Edgewood score 2 points in the third quarter. Those points came after a technical foul was called for holding onto the rim after a slam-dunk. The game ended with the score Bishop Eustace 57 and Edgewood 30. Both teams played their hardest and showed that the game of basketball can be played without having to get paid a lot of money, or to pay a lot, to see a very good game.

Photos by Boog Williams

eustaceteamthumb.jpg edtalkthumb.jpg edgewoodcoachthumb.jpg edgewood4thumb.jpg edgewood3thumb.jpg defenseedthumb.jpg closeupedthumb.jpg be4thumb.jpg be3thumb.jpg be2thumb.jpg edgewoodteamthumb.jpg

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