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Academic Challenge:
Edgewood Loses To Haddon Heights

Thursday, January 7, 1999

By Gregg Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

On January 7, an Academic Challenge match was held between visiting Haddon Heights High School and Edgewood High School. The match took place in the resource center at Edgewood. Before Haddon Heights arrived, Edgewood began warming up with questions being read from two Alumni (Ed and Steve). They were reading questions from a Trivial Pursuit Game.

Matches are set up with each team having 4 players. The Coaches/Questioners start by asking a question that is open to answer by both teams. An individual student can "buzz" to indicate that he/she has the answer. The team that answers the question correctly also gets a bonus question that only they can answer. In the case of a mathematics problem, the Coaches/Questioners warn the students so the players know to write down the information to solve the problem. Each match is made up of two halves.

This match ended with the score of Haddon Heights' 400 to Edgewood's 210. In an earlier match this week, Edgewood lost to West Deptford 310 to 480.

Photos by Boog Williams

ACEdge0thumb.jpg ACEdSteveAlumthumb.jpg ACHHeightsBonusthumb.jpg ACEdge4thumb.jpg ACCoachQuestthumb.jpg ACEdgeExtrathumb.jpg

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