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High School Girls Basketball:
Lady Rams Defeat Sister School Edgewood

Thursday, January 7, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

Two sister schools tapped off for a game of basketball at Edgewood High School. Overbrook showed up with 16 players (of which 15 played). Edgewood had 10 players and all of them got a chance to play.

The game started off with a missed layup by Edgewood. The Overbrook Lady Rams never looked back. They scored the first 11 points of the game with a pressure defense that made the Edgewood Eagles turn the ball over. Edgewood's Coach Mr. Ernst called a time out to settle down his very young team. When the first quarter ended the score was Overbrook 15, Edgewood 10. The leading scorers in the first quarter were Overbrook's #24 Finger (6 pts.) and Edgewood's #24 McClellan (7 pts.). In the second quarter, Overbrook extended its lead by scoring 21 points, with #11 Barney getting 9. Edgewood scored 9 points, with #23 Minatee getting 3. The half came to a conclusion with Overbrook leading by the score of 36 to 19. The Edgewood Cheerleading squad provided half time support of their team with a performance for the players and fans.

The third quarter had Overbrook scoring 12 points by 5 different players, while Edgewood could only get one field goal. The third ended with Overbrook increasing their lead to 48 to 21. The fourth quarter had Edgewood scoring 15 point by 5 different players and Overbrook also scoring 12 points by 5 different players. The final score was Overbrook 60 - Edgewood 36.

The five leading scorers for both teams were:

Lady RamsLady Eagles
From the line:
5 out of 16
From the line:
4 out of 7

Photos by Boog Williams

GBoe20thumb.jpg GBoe19thumb.jpg GBoe18thumb.jpg GBoe17thumb.jpg GBoe16thumb.jpg GBoe15thumb.jpg GBoe14thumb.jpg GBoe13thumb.jpg GBoe11thumb.jpg GBoe10thumb.jpg GBoe09thumb.jpg GBoe08thumb.jpg GBoe02thumb.jpg GBoe01thumb.jpg GBoe06thumb.jpg GBoe05thumb.jpg GBoe04thumb.jpg GBoe03thumb.jpg

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