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Thursday, January 20, 2000

By Gregg Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

Academic Challenge does not require physical strength. Instead, it is a test of intelligence and mental endurance, whose participants are students from ten Southern New Jersey high schools. This ten school inter-scholastic league includes Collingswood, Eastern, Edgewood, Haddon Township, Haddon Heights, Haddonfield, Highland, Sterling, Triton and West Deptford. The competition lasts nine weeks (Jan. 4 - Feb. 24), with only one match per day, and five separate meets on that day. At the end of the nine weeks, the teams must wait for the next set of matches. On the 3rd of March, the playoffs start at Eastern High School.

The rules of Academic Challenge are not too complicated. Each meet is divided into two rounds, and there are eight players per team. For each round, four of those eight contestants play. The first round begins with some warm-up questions, with no point value. Once they are over with, the real questions are asked. The first question is open to either team, worth 10 points. If answered correctly, the team receives the points and a bonus question. The bonus question, also worth 10 points, can only be answered by that team. After the bonus, another open question is asked and the same pattern follows. If a question is not answered correctly, no points are deducted and a new question is asked.

Check out the Academic Challenge web site at:,1876,34871-118629-38-20988,00.html

The web site will be used to post scores and to keep the standings of the league. Any school who might be interested in joining the league should contact Mrs. Gail Tallant at (856) 784-1333, ext. 4185.

The Team from Edgewood sent us this information and also sent some pictures of one of their matches and scores.

Date Home Team Score Visiting Team Score
Jan. 4 Haddon Heights 330 Edgewood 270
Jan. 6 Haddonfield 420 Edgewood 240
Jan. 13 Highland 300 Edgewood 410
Jan. 20 Edgewood 270 Collingswood 310

Players pictured in the photos for Edgewood are Nick Cipriani, Laurel Mohrmann, Charles Norman, Steve Kane, Andre Tufolo, and Karin Rainey. Ms. Pomykacz coaches the Edgewood team. The coach wanted to point out one of her players, Karin Rainey. Karin is a member of the Field Hockey Team, National Honor Society, Interact Club and is also a member of the Winslow Township Environmental Commission.

Photos by Steve O'Neill

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