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Bishop Eustace Powers Over Edgewood

Thursday, October 14, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

On a cold, windy, but sunny day, the Ladies Field Hockey team of Bishop Eustace traveled to Edgewood for an Olympic Conference game. Bishop Eustace dominated the beginning of both halves, as they scored 4 of their 5 goals to win 5-3.

In the first half, Bishop Eustace scored two goals in a span of 5:18. The first goal was scored by #2 Robyn Airey-Rose with 26:28 left in the half. The second goal was scored by #10 Leslie Canuso with 21:10 left. With Bishop Eustace up by two, Edgewood started to move the ball. Edgewood's Karin Rainey and Dianna Henhaffer each had good scoring opportunities but were stopped by #98 Kate Shovlin. Shovlin made 4 saves in the first half and 2 in the second as her counter goalie for Edgewood, Laurel Morhmann #99, made 3 saves in the first and 8 in the second. Bishop Eustace also used #99 Kristen Ianieri in goal. The half ended with the score Bishop Eustace 2 - Edgewood 0.

In the second half, Bishop Eustace's #24 Lindsay McNamara and #44 Kelley Fox scored 2:34 apart, at 25:39 and 23:05 left, respectively. This gave Bishop Eustace a 4-0 lead. Edgewood's #36 Dianna Henhaffer scored with 14:17 left, with an assist by #12 Jessica Matthews. Bishop Eustace's #1 Megan Foster scored with 5:13 left to make it 5-1. Edgewood's #12 Jessica Matthews scored 2 minutes later, with an assist to #34 Dianna Henhaffer. Edgewood scored the last goal of the game with 15 seconds left. The goal was scored by # 26 Amanda Bradian. The game ended with the score Bishop Eustace 5 - Edgewood 3.

Coaches Corner:   Edgewood's Coach Mrs. Sherry Cappello feels the top 3 teams in the conference are Shawnee, then Cherokee, followed by Eastern. Coach Cappello would also like to highlight some of her players: Karin Rainey was 2nd Team All Conference last year and played in the Futures Program, and is one of the tri-captains. Tiffany Leach is another of the tri-captains. Although injured, Megan Ulicny is the other tri-captain who also played in Europe with the Futures Program. Also joining this list are: Tiffany Hill, Kate Wilhelm, Dianna Henhaffer, Amanda Bradis, Taylor Tronco, and Amy Muff.

Photos by Boog Williams

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