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Bishop Eustace Opens With Big First Inning

Saturday, April 1, 2000

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

It was a beautiful, sunny day and a great day to start the 2000 high school girl's softball season. It was also April Fools Day, but there was no fooling around at the game. The Bishop Eustace Crusaders traveled to Edgewood High School to play the Eagles in an Olympic Conference game.

Edgewood had their ace pitcher, Alexis Switenko, on the mound starting off against Kim Le. Bishop Eustace had a big inning as they scored 5, the only runs in the game. Kim Le started off with a walk, then was sacrificed to second by Laura Doyle. The third batter for the Crusaders was Nicole Knkawski, who was hit by a pitch, and then Lindsey McNamara walked to load up the bases. Lisa Busciacco hit a single to right to score Le from third base. Amelia McCracken hit a single up the middle as Knkawski trotted home. This gave the Crusaders a 2 run lead, and they were not done. Still with bases loaded and the corners up on defense, Monica Veneziano hit a ball between first and second. Then came an unusual play. The ball hit McCracken when she was coming off the bag, Edgewood's Lindsay Creaney, firstbase player, picked the ball up and touched first for what some fans thought was a double play. The field umpire called the out at first, but said the player that was hit was not out, because the ball passed an infielder before it hit the runner. This put runners on second and third with 2 outs for the Crusaders. Busciacco and McCracken both scored on wild pitches or passed balls. The top of the inning ended with the Crusaders scoring 5, and that was all they needed to win 5-0.

In the bottom of the inning, the Eagles could not get any hits against pitcher Jennifer Scott. After the first inning, the Eagles settled down and the Crusaders played sound defense. Both pitchers pitched great, and neither team could score any additional runs.

Photos by Boog Williams

SOBE281thumb.jpg SOBE282thumb.jpg SOBE283thumb.jpg SOBE285thumb.jpg SOBE287thumb.jpg SOBE288thumb.jpg SOBE289thumb.jpg SOBE290thumb.jpg SOBE291thumb.jpg SOBE292thumb.jpg SOBE293thumb.jpg SOBE294thumb.jpg SOBE297thumb.jpg SOBE298thumb.jpg SOBE299thumb.jpg SOBE300thumb.jpg SOBE302thumb.jpg SOBE303thumb.jpg SOBE305thumb.jpg SOBE306thumb.jpg SOBE307thumb.jpg SOBE308thumb.jpg SOBE309thumb.jpg SOBE310thumb.jpg SOBE311thumb.jpg SOBE312thumb.jpg SOBE313thumb.jpg SOBE314thumb.jpg SOBE315thumb.jpg SOBE316thumb.jpg SOBE317thumb.jpg SOBE318thumb.jpg SOBE319thumb.jpg SOBE320thumb.jpg SOBE324thumb.jpg SOBE326thumb.jpg SOBE327thumb.jpg SOBE328thumb.jpg SOBE329thumb.jpg SOBE330thumb.jpg SOBE331thumb.jpg SOBE332thumb.jpg

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