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High School Track & Field:
National Record Setters Are Awarded With Rings

Monday, September 27, 1999

By Stephanie Unangst
SJSports Student Correspondent

With confidence and much determination, Kierra Clemons, grade 12, Pam Richardson, grade 11, Dennean Davis, freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, and Y'vette Murry, freshman at Norfolk University, broke the national record last year in the shuttle runs at the East Coast Relays with a time of 59.00 flat. On September 27, the Administration of Edgewood High School, Principal Ms. Michelle Ferner and Athletic Director Mr. Frank Panhuise, awarded Coach Edwards, Coach Jackson, Coach Ayres and the three young ladies present with rings. Each ring shows the school colors, a track emblem and an "E" in the center of the green colored stone.


"We give special thanks to Coach Jackson for achieving this goal." Richardson said. "We hope we are able to do this again next year."

Y'vette Murry was unable to attend the ceremony, but her ring will be sent to her while she is attending college.

On behalf of Edgewood Senior High, I would like to congratulate the four young ladies on bringing their victory home to Edgewood. Best of luck in the upcoming season.

Photos by Boog Williams

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