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High School Boys Basketball:
Overbrook Defeats Edgewood With Balanced Scoring

Thursday, January 6, 2000

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

In boys' basketball on Thursday, the Overbrook Rams defeated rival sister school Edgewood 72-48. One part of the Edgewood Eagles' game plan was to get Jamar Smith in foul trouble and they succeeded, but John Galaszewski scored 15, and Bryan Foster scored 17. This helped to pick up the offensive play for the Rams. Edgewood missed a lot of lay-ups.

In the first minute of play, Edgewood's Butch Magliaro took the ball to the hoop and was fouled by Smith. Magliaro made one of two from the line, scoring 8 in the game. Edgewood had a poor day from the line, making only 2 out of 12 in the first half. Edgewood took a 3-0 lead. Smith scored the next three baskets on put backs from missed shots, for a total of 17. The Rams never looked back. Smith picked up his second foul of the game with three minutes left in the first quarter. He was taken out of the game and did not return until the third quarter. The first quarter ended with Foster driving to the basket, making the shot and getting fouled. He made the free throw, giving the Rams a 17 to 6 lead.

In the second quarter, Galaszewski hit a big shot that gave the Rams a 19-6 lead. Edgewood's Karl Johnson hit a big 3 from the left-hand side to make the score 19-9. Overbrook's Russell Eaddy made a nice move in the lane to score 2 of his 8. Then, Galaszewski started hitting from the outside. This opened the lane for Foster to score inside and the half ended 33-17. In the second quarter, Foster received a technical foul for throwing a ball at an Edgewood player that he had fouled. This tarnished his otherwise excellent play.

In the second half, just like in the first, Edgewood missed lay-ups and free throws, while Overbrook kept scoring. The third quarter ended with the score Rams 48 - Eagles 28. In the fourth quarter, the fans got what most of them came to see; Overbrook's Jamar Smith finally put on a show. With 55 seconds left, Smith took the ball end to end, with a behind dribble, getting past an Edgewood defender and slamming it in (see video) as the crowd went wild. For a finish, he rebounded a missed shot and tried to go end to end again, but was fouled. The game ended with the score Overbrook 72 - Edgewood 48.

One thing I like to point out about the Edgewood players, they never gave up and kept hustling on the court. This is what I like to see, and a lot of credit has to go to the Eagles coaching staff.


Overbrook - 72:   Smith 17, Foster 17, Galaszewski 15, Klein 7, Eaddy 8, Banks 4, Fisher 4.

Edgewood - 48:   Sapp 13, Magliaro 8, Brown 8, Reyes 4, M. Johnson 4, Miles 6, K. Johnson 3, Banks 2.

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Overbrook 17 16 15 21 72
Edgewood 6 11 11 20 48

Photos by Boog Williams

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