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High School Soccer:
Overbrook Rams Edgewood

Monday, September 27, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

The Overbrook Rams Boys' Soccer team traveled to rival sister school, Edgewood, in an Olympic Conference match. The Eagles were highly ranked in the top 20 for South Jersey, but were upset by the Rams, 2-1. Among the fans in attendance were District Superintendent, Dr. Michael Schreiner, and Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Dennis Grimmet.

The Rams came ready to play as they beat Edgewood to almost every ball. The Rams didn't let the Eagles' skilled players move the ball. They pressured the ball all game long.


In the first half, Overbrook played a kick and run type of game. On several occasions, Edgewood's keeper, Keith Swingle, was out 25 to 35 yards to clear the ball. The Rams got the only goal of the first half off of a penalty kick. The referee awarded the kick when Overbrook's left winger, Al Muff, was taken down in the penalty area when he used his speed to get by Edgewood's right fullback, Brandon Murro. Murro tried to hold off Muff with his elbow, but instead took down the Ram. The young Edgewood players lost their cool. First, Ian Simmons received a yellow card for disputing the call after the penalty kick was made by Overbrook's Jim Dougherty. Eagles' keeper, Keith Swingle, was also given a yellow card after the goal. Dougherty's penalty kick was scored to Swingle's lower left into the net.

Edgewood was able to tie the game late in the second half. A rebound by Joe Banks, off of a restart, bounced off the crossbar with 17 minutes left. Overbrook's Al Muff, having recovered from the first half take down, scored the winning goal with a flick of his head off Phil Covelli's restart kick. This gave the Ram's the 2-1 final score. This was Overbrook's first win over Edgewood Head Coach Ron Wence.

Photos by Boog Williams

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