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High School Golf:
Four Teams Get Great Day To Start
Edgewood's Sean Adams Gets Hole-In-One

Monday, April 3, 2000

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

On what was supposed to be a raining, yucky day ended up being a great day for golf. The sun was shining and the wind was light and warm. The start of the high school season was under way. Two matches were being played at the Pinelands Golf Course in Winslow. Pinelands is the home of the Edgewood Eagles and the Hammonton Blue Devils golf teams. The Edgewood Eagles had a match against the Overbrook Rams. Hammonton Blue Devils had a match against the Bridgeton Bulldogs.


Standing between the 4th green and the 5th tee-box, I got to see some young golfers hit the ball and putt very well. I guess golf isn't hard enough, until you have a photographer standing and taking photos of your tee shoot. Sorry guys, but thank you for letting me take the photos. The fourth hole is a par 4. They tell you the drive has you hitting to an elevated fairway with 2 fairway bunkers. The second shot requires a mid iron to a large undulating green. The 5th hole is an average length par 3 and has a saddle shaped green with a large deep bunker located on the left side. A back left pin placement makes for a tough par 3.

The players moved on to the 6th hole, rated the toughest hole on the course, this 575 yard par 5 demands distance and accuracy from any caliber golfer. The drive is straight uphill to a generous fairway that is tree lined from end to end. Any stray shot will find the woods for sure. The second shot is still uphill to a blind, narrow landing area only reachable with a fairway wood or long iron. If you overshoot the landing area there are two large ponds awaiting the misplayed shot. Even the Big-Hitters have trouble carrying the hazard in two! Your third shot requires all the skill of a mid iron to carry the hazard and land on the large two tiered green guarded on the right by a deep lipped bunker. Any putt above the hole is difficult to stop on the way down, so good placement may make or break your efforts for a good score. Par on this hole is an excellent score.

Then they moved to the 7th hole, this par 3 is one of the easiest holes on the course. The hourglass green has two small bunkers on the left & right sides. The green slopes from back to front. Even though it is considered one of the easiest holes, it was a great hole for Edgewood's Sean Adams. Sean got a Hole-In-One on the 7th. Not to many people can say they have a hole-in-one, but Sean can.

The matches ended with Overbrook scoring a 182 to Edgewood's 195. The pair at the Pinelands course is 36. Here are the results of the match.

Overbrook Score Edgewood Score

Rich Snyder


Bill McDonald


Jason Pascarella


Chris Hunt


Steve Snyder


Sean Adams


Dave Burr


Blair Wier






Photos by Boog Williams

GOOV333thumb.jpg GOOV334thumb.jpg GOOV338thumb.jpg GOOV339thumb.jpg GOOV340thumb.jpg GOOV341thumb.jpg GOOV342thumb.jpg GOOV343thumb.jpg GOOV344thumb.jpg GOOV345thumb.jpg GOOV347thumb.jpg GOOV350thumb.jpg GOOV351thumb.jpg GOOV352thumb.jpg GOOV353thumb.jpg GOOV354thumb.jpg GOOV355thumb.jpg GOOV356thumb.jpg

The results of the Hammonton/Bridgeton match were not available, but we have photos.

GOBR335thumb.jpg GOBR336thumb.jpg GOBR337thumb.jpg GOBR358thumb.jpg GOBR359thumb.jpg GOBR360thumb.jpg GOBR361thumb.jpg


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