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Dennis Davis with Coach Derryk Sellers
High School Football:

Dennis Davis on the Brink of Success

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

By Lauren McClellan
Edgewood Aquila School Newspaper Staff

Through this interview I have learned one thing: Dennis Davis is no joke. He has set incredible records, broke what was once thought of as impossible goals, and still managed to keep a smile through the rough games or seasons...and so his story starts...

Dennis Davis has created quite a name for himself this year amongst Edgewood Senior High School. He is a valuable asset in both football and track. As his journey began freshman year, he knew he had a long road ahead of himself, but he made his goals achievable and has been striving to reach the stars ever since...

As Dennis travels to Georgia this summer, we will wish him the best, but also realize that Dennis will represent our school proudly, as we are proud of him.

Q: Alright Dennis, when did you start to play football?
A: (Laughing) When I was three days old. Seriously though, I can't even remember. I think I was five maybe.

Q: What made you start playing? What inspired you?
A: Well at five years old, you aren't really inspired to play, you do it because you like to. I suppose I would have to say because A.J. (Deramus), Brandon (Osborne), and Aaron (Johnson) used to play. I thought that looked fun and I said to my parents, "Hey I want to try that too!"

Q: Now, you were never originally cornerback right?
A: Right, I used to play safety before, but Coach Chambers wanted to try something new. He said that I'd have a better chance at this position as far as colleges were concerned, he said it utilized my speed and I guess he was right.

Q: What possessed you to continue your football career in college?
A: It was free (laughing) No seriously though, it keeps me in shape, its fun and something I love to do- why stop you know?

Q: Do you think one day number twenty-four will be sported on a professional team?
A: I hope. It would be a dream to fulfill one day, but next year I am going to be wearing number twenty-five at Georgia Tech.

Q: Are you ready to graduate?
A: Yes, I am ready to move on, but I don't like the fact that I have no break in between. I have to get down to Georgia June 25th.

Q: Alright, Dennis, four years from now, you're graduating from college. Where do you see yourself?
A: Well, I majored in computer science, so if the pro football thing doesn't work out (laughing) I could always use my major for something, or maybe even the Olympics for track.

Q: Would you ever want to be anything else? A football coach perhaps?
A: I never really thought about being a football coach. That's not a bad idea. It would be an aspiration of mine. As far as anything else, maybe a gym teacher, it was the first thing that popped into my head.

Q: Okay speaking of coaches- what did you think of Coach Sellars?
A: He was a great coach, he motivated me to play better, he made it fun despite the hard work. He gave me some good advice, (starts to laugh) like to eat at the Varsity when I get down to Georgia. He also gave me some phone numbers in case I ever need in help if I get into trouble. He's the best football coach Edgewood ever had, let's leave it at that.

Q: Now Dennis, I heard you are apart of something called the Storm- what exactly is that?
A: The storm consists of thunder (Brandon) and lightening (Dennis). Thunder is strong, he plows over anyone that gets in his way, he's unstoppable. Lightening on the other hand is fast. He's uncatchable.

Q: What was your best memory throughout the season?
A: Definitely the Turkey Game against Overbrook. I am so proud- people were asking me for pictures with the trophy after the game- it's a great feeling.

Q: Two words: Ocean City
A: Two words: No comment

Q: What do you think next season's football team for Winslow Township has to offer?
A: They'll be a strong team, Pete Nardello's going to tear it up. Double Nik all the way. Then we have guys like Matt Thomas, Mike Grant, Charles Duckett, and Ben Drane, who are going to dominate. We're going to be just fine.

Q: Was this your favorite season?
A: Yeah, I would have to say so; we united as one. On and off the field, we were always tight. We had each other's backs. We were soldiers.

Q: Alright, Dennis, say in the future, if you have a son, will he be a football player as well?
A: Well, its hard to tell. I would never make him do anything he didn't want to do, but if they wanted to play, I would definitely encourage them and support them one hundred percent. I would help them along the way whenever they needed me...

Q: Okay last but not least, yet probably most important, what is track and football to you?
A: Football is a sport like no other. It requires more team unity and communication than any other sport. Everyone must be on the same page in order for the team to be successful. You get suited up in armor and go to war. Now, track, on the other hand, it's unique. You don't necessarily need to have a good track team to be successful. As far as I am concerned you rely on yourself. For instance I run the 100, 200, and 400 meter race and 110 high hurdles. Each time, I try to break one of my previous records. It's a lot different than football.

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