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High School Softball:
The Last Innings

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

By Lindsay Creaney
Edgewood Aquila School Newspaper Staff

"There's no crying in softball", may be a very commonly used phrase among ball players, but for Edgewood's girls softball team, this statement needs some adjusting. This is the last year Edgewood will ever have a softball team, so the girls this year are working hard to go out on top! This fourteen - player team began practicing for their season early March led by four captains; Sr. Lindsay Creaney, Sr. Dianna Henhaffer, Sr. Kristin Wolf, and Jr. Alexis Switenko.

These girls are striving hard for another successful season like last year's.

"We want to defend our conference champions title!" exclaims Captain Dianna Henhaffer.

The team seems to already have a good start heading into their season with two scrimmage wins under their belts.

"We chose the saying 'The Last Inning' this year for many reasons," explains Captain Lindsay Creaney. "We are going to play tough until the last inning, but also we represent the last inning of Edgewood's softball."

"Our expectations are high this year, but we have the determination to do it!" Adds Captain Kristin Wolf.

These girls portray an excellent example of teamwork. They not only believe in themselves, but they are believe in each other. They work countless hours perfecting their skills and motivating each other to do their best.

"Fourteen heads are definitely better than one," replies Creaney.

And their faith is being shown through their outstanding record.

"We always say that you should play softball with your heart, that's why we work so well together. We are all here because we truly love it!" Stated Captain Alexis Switenko.

The team has developed a lot since 1968, when it first began. Fortunately, this 2001 softball team has the advantage of learning from a Coach such as Dee Fonte, who has been involved with Edgewood's softball for 24 years.

"It's especially hard for me this year because this is my last year here at Edgewood." Says Coach Fonte.

Due to the dissolution, Coach Fonte will be teaching at Overbrook next year and unfortunately will not be coaching anymore.

"All I am asking is for my girls to work hard, practice every minute and there is no doubt in my mind we will go out on top! The conference is ours so WATCH OUT", exclaims Fonte.

This will be a very exciting year for the Edgewood girls softball team. Don't just sit there and let the season unravel. Come be a part of Edgewood's history. Come help cheer the team on to the last season full of victories!

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