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The Touchdown of Life

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Press Release (Update)

Do to the overwhelming response by everyone, the Berlin Township PTA has released this message to everyone who participated in the Blood Drive for Anthony Castracane. Thank you to all that helped (Big and Bold). We collected over 100 pints of blood, which comes to a savings of over $70,000 just in blood cost for a person that doesn't have insurance. Again a Big Thank You from the Berlin Township PTA.

The Berlin Township PTA is coordinating a blood drive for a local 14 year old boy suffering from Leukemia. Please help 14 year old, Berlin Township resident, Anthony Castracane continue to make touchdowns by donating the gift of life, blood, on October 9, 2000 at the J.F.K Elementary School from 3 pm to 8pm. Call Joan Mondile (856) 719-9673 or Marion Bodanza (856) 753-0434 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins will also be welcomed and greatly appreciated. Each pint of blood donated is credited to the cost of the needed transfusions in treating his Leukemia.

Your donation will save not only Anthony, but four other children who would also like to score "The Touchdown of Life".

J.F.K. Elementary School is located at the intersection of Mt. Vernon and Washington Avenues in West Berlin, right off of Rte. 73. Please publish this information, or if you would like to cover this event, please don't hesitate to call the drive coordinator, Joan Mondile at (856) 719-9673.

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