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The Last Edgewood/Overbrook Ladies Tennis Match Ever

Thursday, November 2, 2000

By Andrea Johnson
SJSports Student Correspondent

The last Edgewood/ Overbrook Ladies Tennis match took place last week. There will be no longer be an Edgewood/Overbrook sister school rivalry next fall when the ladies tennis season begins. After dissolution occurs, Edgewood, sadly, will no longer be in existence.

It was an emotional match for many of the Edgewood Players. The ladies' season was coming to a quick close. For the seniors on the team, the introduction was bitter sweet. The match was actually Overbrook's home match, the Edgewood team celebrated just the same because they had been playing home matches at Overbrook all season. In a continuing tradition, after the line-up was announced, Coach Mack and Coach Totoro, awarded each of the seniors (and one exceptional junior) with a rose. Despite the emotional beginning of the match, the ladies knew that they still had to play high- level tennis. The team went on to defeat Overbrook 5-0.

The celebration continued even after the match as the coaches presented a cake to the parents and thanked them for all of their support over the past four years. Even though the celebration was directed toward the players, the coaches and parents are worthy of as much if not more recognition.

Photos by Boog Williams

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