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Morgan Provides the Arm Power for Audubon

Friday, April 7, 2006

By Joyce Sagerty
SJSports Special Correspondent

It all begins with the pitcher on the mound at least concentrating on getting the ball over the plate with some velocity for a strike. When that confidence begins to build up, the pitcher begins to add a bit more arm swing behind the pitch. Heather Morgan for the Green Wave from Audubon was able to strike out ten batters against Haddon Heights this afternoon. With Morgan’s success on the mound, the offense would provide an early three run lead that the Lady Garnets were unable to overcome. The Wave would post a 7-2 victory in conference play.

Softball is that game where all of the players on the field must be ready at any given time for a ball that may be sent their way. The starting pitcher on the mound relies heavily on their defense to come through when a pitch just happens to be put in play. Audubon would test Haddon Heights’ defense as they started off the game scoring three runs during their top half of the first inning. The Garnets would battle back by scoring two runs during their half of the fourth inning. But Audubon would continue to dominate the Colonial Conference game by scoring four more runs over the sixth and seventh innings.

Photos by Frank Crescenti

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