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Lindenwold's Defense Shuts Down Heights

Saturday, September 10, 2005

By Jerome Michaels
SJSports Special Correspondent

With the calmness of a stalking predator, the Lions from Lindenwold went out and impressed head coach Derryk Sellers in their opening day victory at Haddon Heights. Both teams were eager to get onto the field and start making contact to finalize the start of their football season. Lindenwold’s defense dominated both halves of this game while runningback Akeem Cartwright took care of the scoring chores for the Lions scoring the only two touchdowns of the game. Lindenwold would post a 14-0 win over Haddon Heights in a Colonial Conference game.

The start of the football season began Friday night giving those teams playing today a chance to reflect on yesterday’s results. There were quite a few upsets that left some wondering whether today would produce even more surprises. In the Colonial Conference, one team that was noticeable had the entire weekend off and that team were the Eagles from West Deptford. The Eagles would be that team that has been the target of others from that conference. But on this day, the two teams taking the field would focus on playing well in order to pick up the win.

When Lindenwold elected to defer their option to receive the ball to start the game, Haddon Heights went right to work picking up a few key first downs to move the chains. But when it counted, Lindenwold’s defense began to make their way into the backfield to slow down and even stop the Garnets offense from picking up a key fourth down play. That’s when the offense took over and scored with 5:49 remaining in the first quarter. Cartwright scored from 58-yards out giving the Lions the 6-0 lead. Cartwright wasn’t done crossing the goal line as the second half started out with Lindenwold increasing their advantage. His rushing touchdown from 13 yards out rounded out the touchdowns scored in this game. A successful two point conversion gave the Lions more than enough points to pick up the win.

Photos by Art Redd

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