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Highland Gets Even Against Clearview

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

By Susan Hall
SJSports Special Correspondent

You have heard it before, every win counts when trying to qualify for the post season playoffs. The Lady Tartans from Highland was one of those teams that started out the season with a few winning and losing streaks. For the second time this season, Clearview and Highland would participate in a Tri-County Conference Royal Division match-up. This time on their home court, Highland was looking for their second win in a row and they would convincingly pick up the victory. With their 39-23 victory, Highland improved their record to 7-7 which included a 6-4 record in their division.

Highland had won by just a point the first team they met very early in the season. The Tartans quickly established the momentum in this game to hold onto a 26-8 lead at halftime. During the second half, both teams pretty much matched basket for basket giving Highland the comfortable lead for the rest of the game. Caitlin Walsh finished the game for Highland with a game high 11 points, Denise Hemerka added 10 points and Jessica Leoni added 10 points. Clearview was led by Lindsay Layton who finished with 8 points.

Photos by Mark Fletcher

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