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Holy Cross Finally Gets Their Season Opener

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

By Clark Washington
SJSports Special Correspondent

It's not easy waiting around for something to happen and you have no control over it. Take for instance the Lancers from Holy Cross boys' lacrosse team. Finally getting a chance to play, they still had to wait for the junior varsity to finish their game. By the time the Lancers took the field against West Deptford, this game swung quickly in favor of the home team. Holy Cross jumped out to a five goal lead at halftime and continued to dominate their opponent behind Paul Colflesh and Sean Neary three goal performance. The Lancers would start off the season with a 12-4 victory.

The boys' lacrosse teams across the area of South Jersey are continuing to improve and more fans are seeing it as well. Holy Cross, in its third season, has added players to their roster as well as their opponent the Eagles from West Deptford. In this the Lancers' motion offense resulted in a 4-1 lead after one quarter and expanded to a 7-2 lead at halftime. The second half continued just as the first as the Lancers built a comfortable lead.

Photos by Jason Brown
(The following photos are from the junior varsity game.)

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