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High School Field Hockey:
Eastern Wins Battle of Undefeated

Friday, October 13, 2000

By Crystal Parker
SJSports Staff Writer

The match up of the season between two well coached field hockey teams finally took place on the famous Friday the 13th. The Lenape Indians hosted Eastern on a day that featured temperatures in the seventies and sunny skies on an unusually perfect weather in the month of October. Nothing was strange about the way both these teams have been playing this season. With a win, the winner would remain undefeated and the loser would receive their first lost of the season. After a scoreless first half, Sarah Dawson received credit for the winning goal in a 2-0 victory over Lenape.

When this game began, the Lady Vikings kept most of the play forcing Lenape to play tight defense to slow down Eastern's charge. For about the first two minutes of this game, Eastern kept their offense on the Lenape side of the field. But that didn't keep Lenape from playing intense defense and finally make a charge of their own. This was the theme of the first half as neither team was able to get off any good shots and score a goal. The Vikings did manage to get more shots on goal to give them the edge going into the second half.

Eastern seemed to pick up the intensity as they pressured their opponents defense. With a cluster of player trying to get a stick on the ball and into the net, Dawson had made a pass to Kristie O'Donnell who could not find the loose ball. Somehow the ball wound up in the net for the first goal of the game. That goal did not stop Lenape from maintaining their chance of tying up this game. They way Eastern has been playing this season, they were not taking any chances against Lenape. These two Olympic Conference American Division teams played an excellent regular season game. Eastern would add another goal from Shaun Banta to end the scoring and the game. The Vikings increased their perfect record to 12-0-0 as Lenape dropped their first game to still post an impressive 10-1-0.

Photos by Art Redd

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