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Life Center Academy Defeats Solebury To Extend Streak

Thursday, September 20, 2001

By Art Steffen
SJSports Special Correspondent

Life Center Academy took their 5-0 (33-0 since their last lost) game record into this past Thursday's match with a lot of confidence. So much so that they took this Solebury team for granted and Solebury showed them what happens when you under estimate any team.

Solebury seemed ignorant to the fact that LCA was on one of their greatest winning streak in its school's history. They were there to play soccer, and play soccer they did. By looking at their goalie who could not have been more than 5'5", the LCA players thought it was going to be a blow out. The field was wet from rain which played to the advantage of the much smaller Solebury team. The big LCA players spent more time on the ground doing the back stroke than they did on their feet.

The first goal did not come as fast as LCA would have liked but Mike Lasme seems to be able to put the ball pretty much where he wants it. About twenty-five minutes into the game and after about fifteen shots on goal, a fast moving ball heading toward LCA fullbacks was kicked by Lance Weer. This ball was kicked from midfield and it was a perfect arc heading toward Solebury's goalie Di Bacco who could only watch while it just past under the cross bar and into the net. The Solebury's players looked at their coach and they shrugged their shoulders as if to say, "there's nothing we could have done about that". After that, the rain was coming down lightly and Solebury made a run for the goal. LCA players found themselves playing slip and slide which Solebury managed to break through and score.

By the time the second halve started it was really raining and if this was a game between ten year olds, it would have been fun to watch. The big guys from LCA looked like nine month old infants just learning how to walk. The low to the ground Solebury players were beating them to ball and moving it all around.

Mike Lasme did put together a run with Kaumay Jean Claude and Quinten Logan for another goal. Later Kaumay put one in also. Solebury answered back by getting another from a fast break and taking advantage of LCA's unbalanced footing. Solebury's team pressed till the very end. LCA took an amazing 41 shots on goal and could only muster four goals. That little goalie from Solebury came away with 22 saves.

I think in the end LCA learned something from this match up. You have to give that Solebury a lot of credit. They did their best to break that streak. This coming week LCA plays Philadelphia Internationals on the 20th and Florence Township on the 28th.

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