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Gateway and Lindenwold Finish in a Deadlock

Monday, October 17, 2005

By Susan Hall
SJSports Staff Writer

There were eleven players from both teams on the field today looking to add another win to their standings. For both Gateway and Lindenwold, their focus has switched from extending their season into the playoffs to picking up as many wins they can with the regular season coming to an end. Well the Lady Gators from Gateway scored the first goal of the game and led at intermission. Lindenwold would work they way into tying this game early in the second half. But when the final second was counted down, the two teams would finish this game in a tie.

The Colonial Conference is loaded with field hockey teams that have the talent to possibly go undefeated during a season. With those teams on your schedule, it would seem a bit intimidated when that day comes to play them on the field. Gateway and Lindenwold had demonstrated the opposite affect as their level of play picks up against those teams leading the division. So when Gateway’s Caitlin Cusack scored just under five minutes into this game, it looked to be another challenge for Lindenwold to respond to. It took awhile, but Abbey Wilt-O’Neill would tie this game with 22:37 remaining in the game. From that goal on, the Lady Lions kept the pressure on Gateway but just could not get past Gateway’s defense.

Photos by Art Redd

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