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High School Boys Lacrosse:
Moorestown Represents South Jersey in Playoffs

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

By Art Redd
SJSports Staff Writer

That's Right! Boy's lacrosse in South Jersey was played in Moorestown. It was a state tournament game against St. Joseph, Metuchen. Usually lacrosse is mentioned as a high school girl's sport in this area. But this sport for boys is a more physical style of play with a lot of contact and the Quakers were letting South Jersey know they exist. Most of the time, Moorestown is taking that long trip north to participate in regular season games. Not this time. By defeating the North Jersey Sparta 18-7 on Friday, they had the privilege of playing at home. Moorestown would advance further into the playoffs convincingly when they went on an 11-0 run in the second half and defeated St. Joseph Metuchen 15-3. Next they will travel to Ridgewood on Saturday and continue to represent South Jersey in the state tournament.


Moorestown would score the first goal of the game and never looked back. They would go on their first two game playoff winning streak in their school's history. With the Quakers success so far in the playoffs, the are getting more people interested in boy's lacrosse in South Jersey. Coach Val Curran of Moorestown made sure he keep his team in check by constantly instructing his team to be patient and run the plays that he called. They would execute those instructions perfectly in the second half. Dan Ingersoll would lead all scoring with 5 goals and J.C. Valore would score 3 goals. The Quakers' defense held St. Joseph in check the whole game and allowed goalie Chris Hooven to save only 5 shots.

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