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Murray Scores Three Times in Moorestown's Homecoming Game

Saturday, October 16, 2004

By Jerome Michaels
SJSports Special Correspondent

Usually when a homecoming game is scheduled, on that day fans root for their home team, the cheerleaders cheer, football players play football and the nominees for homecoming king and queen wait patiently until halftime for the announcement of the winners voted in by their classmates. So what if you are a player who's named the homecoming king? You don't disappoint your classmates who cast their vote for you and play one of the best games in your high school career. Senior Bobby Murray scored his second and third touchdowns in the second half helping Moorestown pull away and deposit the 35-13 victory over visiting Woodrow Wilson.

There were four teams with a ligament chance of capturing the Burlington/Olympic Conference Liberty Division at the beginning of this day. Camden was hosting Burlington Township and with Moorestown hosting Wilson, either one of these teams would have a good hold onto the top spot in the standings. With Burlington Township battling back to defeat the Panthers, the door was wide open to claim their identity as the true leader.

Moorestown was headed in the right direction when they put the first points on the scoreboard in the first quarter. Quarterback Bryan Hayes watch his halfback Al Pierce cross the goal line from 10 yards out. The Quakers expanded their lead to 14-0 when Hayes tossed a 12 yard touchdown reception to Murray. Wilson would comeback in the second quarter with two scores cutting the deficit to one point at the break. James Pollard caught a 23-yard touchdown reception from Antwine Perez and then Perez’s keeper from 2 yards. The extra points attempt was no good and the Tigers only trailed by a 14-13 margin.

After the homecoming festivities end with Murray being name homecoming king, the Quakers scored three times in the third quarter. Bryan Hayes found his brother Eric Hayes down the sideline open for the catch and run touchdown. From that point on, Murray went to work. With the option pass from Pierce, Murray hauled in the pass for the touchdown. This time on defense, his 35 yard interception return sealed the victory and the crown was rightfully his at the end of the game.

Photos by Mark Fletcher

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