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Moorestown Defeats Holy Cross in a Battle between Leaders

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

By Susan Hall
SJSports Special Correspondent

You couldn't help but notice that the game between the Lady Quakers from Moorestown and the Lady Lancers from Holy Cross would be something special. These two teams represented field hockey programs that have successfully rolled through their schedule compiling win after win. Their accomplishments during the regular season have rewarded them with championships from their perspective division in the Burlington County League. But today, each team would put away their recent success and completed on the field in an inter-league game. Moorestown would strike first in this game and never looked back from that point on. The Lady Quakers would post the 3-0 lead and pick up another win against a very good team.

Timing is right in any sport. When players finally come together as a team right before the post season begins, only good things can happen. The effort on the field speaks for itself when players are hustle for every ball both offensively and defensively. Moorestown would start off this game in the Lancers’ attack zone looking to take the early advantage. That’s when Giulia Giordano scored and Moorestown was not done. Kathryn Johnson would score the second goal of the first half and that’s the way the first half ended. Holy Cross would continue to have several chances to score but the Lady Quakers defense was aggressive in their determine of keeping them off the scoreboard. Kelly Hughes would score the third and final goal of this game on a nice pass from Giordano.

Photos by Hugh Tsung

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