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Moorestown Just One Step Away From Repeating

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

By Susan Hall
SJSports Special Correspondent

When a team has won so many group titles, an opposing team can be a bit intimidated with all of their recent success. Pemberton's field hockey program has turned itself back into a winning tradition and they would get a chance to see how far their accomplishments would take them. Traveling to Moorestown and competing in a Central Jersey Group II tournament, the Lady Quakers took a small advantage at the break and used the second half to continue to stay ahead of Pemberton. Cornelia Duffin would score three of the four goals scored in this game and help Moorestown advance to the finals with their 4-0 victory. The Lady Quakers will now try to pick up their fifth consecutive sectional title.

Moorestown started out this game on the attack but could not capitalize on their scoring opportunities. It wasn't until just over twenty-two minutes remaining until halftime that Marisa Toniatti finished off a penalty corner with a goal giving the Quakers a 1-0 lead. Pemberton continued on the defense surprisingly holding their opponent to just a single goal. But good teams always find a way. With 3:19 remaining in the half, Duffin's second goal of the game gave Moorestown new life and a lead at the break. On this day, the Lady Hornets just could not stop Duffin from slipping through their defense as she would score the remaining two goals of the game. Pemberton's effort would not go un-noticed as they kept a very good team from completely dominating this game on the scoreboard.

Photos by Art Redd

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