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Defense Records Shutout in Ocean City

Saturday, October 9, 2004

By Jason Brown
SJSports Special Correspondent

There are quiet a few good soccer teams in our area that has the talent and ability to win every game on their schedule. Most of the time, those teams can find a way to come together as a team to walk away with the victory. When it comes down to winning it all, it has been stated that offense wins games, but defense wins championships. So far this season, the boy's soccer team from Ocean City has demonstrated that they can play defense and has the ability of scoring goals. Four goals were scored against Cherry Hill East on Saturday and the defense did their part in preserving the 4-0 victory in a non-league game.

When a team is very successful at winning games, it affects the entire squad right down to the water boy. The Red Raiders have been winning games simply because they are playing as a single unit. Working together Ocean City, including today’s game, has recorded its fourth shutout in a row and as for the offense, well it doesn’t hurt to have a few dominating players on the team who have the ability of swinging a game in their favor.

Ryan Scully scored the first goal of the game giving Ocean City the early lead. Cherry Hill East had a few opportunities in the Red Raiders end of the field, but the defense quickly turned the tables. The half ended with just one goal scored, but that changed quickly in the second. Rich Baker received a nice pass from Kevin McCarty and the Red Raiders had scored more than enough goals to win. Kyle Evans and Randy Kohr finished out the scoring in this game.

Photos by Frank Crescenti

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