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High School Wrestling:
Overbrook Pins Two Victories

Saturday, Jan. 31, 1998

By Art Redd
SJSports Staff Writer

When hosting a wrestling match at home, especially a double match, the home crowd would show up in anticipation of seeing their team performing well. Overbrook would compete against Camden and Edgewood High Schools and please their fans who witnessed a double victory. It would be Overbrook's Kevin McGowen and John Miller having pins against their opponents in both matches of the day.

Overbrook's second match of the day would see them posting a 55-21 victory over Edgewood. In their first match, they would have an easy time against Camden winning 63-11.

Here were the results from each weight class for the 1st meet...

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103 lbs. - Gary DeBrielle, Overbrook, won by forfeit

112 lbs. - Hector Harris, Overbrook, pinned Leo Figueroa; 5:19

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119 lbs. - Ryan Welch, Overbrook, won by forfeit

125 lbs. - Ray Morgen, Overbrook, defeated Khalee Ward, 8-1

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130 lbs. - Chris Densten, Overbrook, won by forfeit

135 lbs. - Dan Pullman, Overbrook, defeated Alex Baltadano, 16-0

140 lbs. - Derrick Gallashaw, Camden, pinned Ben Brindley; 3:11

145 lbs. - Kevin McGowen, Overbrook, pinned LaCass Collins; 4:30

152 lbs. - Chris Nattleton, Overbrook, pinned Abdul Smith; 1:42

160 lbs. - Rich Wilson, Overbrook, defeated Shawn Thompson, 21-5

171 lbs. - Patrick Thompson, Camden, defeated Chris Hagan, 24-6

189 lbs. - Darnell Scott, Overbrook, defeated Kendalle Gibson, 14-12

215 lbs. - John Miller, Overbrook, pinned Jose Intriago; 1:41

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Hwt - Rich Snyder, Overbrook, won by forfeit

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