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Overbrook Wins Sister School Turkey Day Matchup

Thursday, November 25, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

On a chilly, misty, and dreary morning, a rivalry of high school football took place this past Thanksgiving Day. Overbrook and Edgewood are sister schools in the Lower Camden County Regional District and have a great rivalry. Some of Overbrook's coaching staff either taught, coached, and/or are Alumni of Edgewood.

On the first possession of the game, both teams rumbled down the field and scored touchdowns. Edgewood had the ball first and scored on a 12-yard pass play from #2 Nick Rosetti (8 for 22, 103 yards, 1 TD , 5 interceptions) to #11 Kyle Murray with 9:45 left in the quarter. Coach Sellers was changing his game plan by throwing the ball, as Rosetti went 3 for 3 on the first drive. Early in the drive, the same two players hooked up on a big 32-yard pass play to keep the drive going. Substitute kicker, #2 Rosetti, made the kick. In last week's game, the team's kicker/punter, #1 Abner Tsadick, got hit on a play and tore his ACL.


On Overbrook's first possession, Coach Miller decided to throw the ball on the first play and pick up 20 yards on a pass from #7 Charles Bupp to #44 Jerron Smith for a first down. On a third and long 9, Miller again had his QB, #7 Bupp, throw the ball. This time, a pass interference was called, giving Overbrook a big first down that kept the drive going. The Rams had the ball for over 7 minutes, scoring with 2:20 left in the quarter. #14 John Lipshultz scored on a one yard run, this was the 12 running play in a row, #7 Bupp made the extra point, and the game was tied 7-7.

Overbrook's defender, #12 Bryan Foster, intercepted a pass and ran it down to the Edgwood 12 yard line. The Rams ran the ball in on a 4-yard run by #28 Jason Carr with 31 ticks left in the first quarter. The kick was missed and the score was Overbrook 13 - Edgewood 7.


In the second quarter, the Eagles #4 Brandon Osborne broke 3 tackles as he scored a 23 yard TD. The kick was missed and the score was tied 13-13. On Overbrook's next possession, Coach Miller spread out his offense. On the next four plays he had his offense go into the Shotgun formation. On three of the plays he had no backs in the backfield. On the first play, #7 Bupp connected with a long pass, but was called back on a holding call. On third down, Edgewood's #12 Matt Thomas made a great open field tackle on the Ram's #44 Smith, who caught a pass coming out of the backfield. Edgewood moved the ball down into Overbrook's Red Zone. With 13 ticks left in the half, #47 Antonio McGhee for Overbrook intercepted an Edgewood pass at his own one yard line. This left the score at the half in a 13-13 tie.

At half time, a lot of people were waiting to see Overbrook's own NCAA Record Breaking Rushing leader in yards, Ron Dayne. Overbrook and the Lower Camden County District were going to retire his number, 33, at half time, but with the holiday travel he was unable to make it.


In the second half, Overbrook's QB/K/P, #7 Bupp, got off a great 65-yard punt that went out of bounds at the Eagles 3 yard line. Overbrook's defense again intercepted a pass. This time it was #17 Chi-Emeke Worthington who ran the ball back to the Eagles' 28. After the play was over, an Overbrook player got called for unsportsmanlike conduct and the ball was moved back to the 43 yard line. The Eagles defense came up with a big stop. Edgewood's defense was led by #43 Adam Faris and #41 Jimmie Nunnenkamp, who both had great games. On fourth down, Overbrook tried a trick play, but Edgewood's defense stopped #44 Smith from getting the first down. Overbrook's #44 Smith intercepted a pass and the third quarter ended with the score still 13-13.


In the fourth, Overbrook , #7 Bupp, tried a 47 yard field goal, but the kick was wide to the right and hit on the back line of the endzone. With 2:28 left in the game, Overbrook's #28 Carr scored on a 4 yard run and Coach Miller went for 2. He went into the shotgun again and #7 Bupp threw to #26 Klein Rory. Most people thought that the play didn't work, because the ball was knocked out of his hands in the endzone. #26 Rory stayed with the ball as it bounced around and made a great diving catch. This made the score 21-13. Some of the fans were asking why Coach Miller went for 2. I think it was that he knew the kicker for Edgewood was out and that this would put more pressure on Edgewood to score. Edgewood would have to go for 2 and he had faith in his defense. Edgewood again was moving the ball downfield, but #44 Smith for Overbrook intercepted (2nd of the game for Smith) a pass and ran it back for an 80 yard TD. Edgewood's #55 Pete Nardello made a great try to catch him, but like the PA announcer said, "Look for #44 Smith to be playing on ABC, CBS or NBC next year in College football." This all happened with 58 seconds left in the game. The kick was made to make the final score 28-13.

After the game was over, Overbrook's Coach Miller and his team were awarded the T&L trophy. The rivalry currently stands at 23-9-4 for Overbrook.

Photos by Boog Williams

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