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High School Tennis:
A Weekend of Wins

Saturday, September 22, 2001

By Tracy Scardino
SJSports Student Correspondent

On Saturday, the Lady Rams tennis team of Overbrook took a trip to Pennsauken, and came home victorious. Pennsauken High School held a carnival on Saturday September 22. The school held tournaments for all sports, including tennis. Overbrook, Camden, and Woodrow Wilson were invited to join Pennsauken in an exciting day.

In the first round Camden defeated Pennsauken, and Overbrook defeated Woodrow Wilson 4-1, with wins by Anelle Saberon (6,1) (6,0); Ankita Adhia (6,2) (6,1); Katie Szmidt and Christine DiRenzo (6,2) (6,2); Nicole Ernst and Shena Faith (6,3) (5,7) (6,3).

Overbrook advanced to the second round. The Rams defeated Camden with a 5-0 victory. A. Saberon (6,0) (6,0); A. Adhia (6,1) (6,2); T. Scardino (6,2) (6,1); K. Szmidt and C. DiRenzo (6,0) (6,1); N. Ernst and S. Faith by forfeit.

At the close of the match, Coach Jeff Mack accepted a plaque on behalf of the team. Anelle Saberon received her own individual plaque for being the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

Afterwards Coach Mack and Coach Stuart treated the team to a victory lunch. The girls returned home tired and confident. The next day the presented their award to Overbrook's principal Mr. Paul Harmelin. The Lady Rams have won the first tennis tournament for the new school, Overbrook Sr. High.

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