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Pine Hill Schools District Dedicates the Overbrook High School Football Field to the Larry Mauriello Varsity Football Complex

Saturday, September 9, 2006

By G. Davis
SJSports Special Correspondent

On Friday and Saturday, September 8 and 9, the Pine Hill Board of Education and Overbrook Varsity Club held a Dinner and Dedication Ceremony in honor of Coach Larry Mauriello. As of September 9th, the Overbrook High School Varsity Football Field will become the Larry Mauriello Varsity Football Complex.

It is particularly fitting that we honor Coach Mauriello in this manner as an acknowledgement of his numerous contributions made as the head coach of the Overbrook High School Football Program. During his reign, the team has won 156 games, two Conference Championships, and one State Championship. However, Coach Mauriello’s dedication to the Overbrook High School has extended beyond the sport of football. If you were to ask any of the alumni who played for the football team between the years of 1964 to 1993 for their thoughts on Coach Mauriello, the words respect and concern would surely come to mind. Coach Mauriello was known for the respect he paid to his players and the concern that he felt for their success both on and off the field. He encouraged all of his players to excel in football, the classroom and beyond.

The Overbrook side of the field was a sea of white with orange and blue lettering on the front Overbrook Football and on the back: The Right Way, the Wrong Way, Coach Larry's Way.

In the game, Delsea’s Squeaker Crenshaw ran for two touchdowns, on 18 carries for 150 yards, as Delsea stretched its winning streak to 14 straight games. Kurt DeWoody added an 82-yard touchdown run and Freddie Lavan added a 55-yard touchdown run as Delsea defeated the Rams 29-6.

Photos by G. Davis

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