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Paulsboro Rolls On Past Salem

Saturday, November 23, 2002

By Anton Figg
SJSports Special Correspondent

Death, taxes and Isaac Redman. Big game players have another name to add to the fraternity, 18 carries for 158 yards and two touchdowns against a defense that was playing pretty well coming into the game. Don't get me wrong, Paulsboro is not a one man team, they play with a sense of kowing just how good they are. And are always looking for ways to show the rest of the football community in New Jersey. The play of the day was a 73 yard punt return by Redman in the 3rd quarter that all but sealed the victory for Paulsboro, putting the Red Raiders up 21-0. The Rams came into the game knowing that it would take an effort from everyone on the roster to do what ever it was asked of them to do to be done at their very best. The Salem offense accounted for 183 yards of total offense, 163 coming the talented group of running backs.

The Red Raiders, who are led by Coach Glen Howard are on a bit of a roll 33 straight wins and counting, it's hard to imagine but one trend that stands out is that when ever the varsity football teams dresses to play they are undefeated. The program is the model of consistancy and seem to do things the right way.

Coach Howard and his staff should be proud of themselves, and the way their team has handled themselves through out this winning streak, the players act like this winning is nothing new, they expect to win and if they keep performing like they are there isn't really too much else to stop them.

Photos by Art Redd

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