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Gloucester Celebrates Long Awaited Victory Over Paulsboro

Saturday, November 15, 2003

By Jason Brown
SJSports Special Correspondent

Paulsboro has dominated the South Jersey Group I playoffs for a very long time. And for a very long time the Lions from Gloucester City was the team that Paulsboro rolled all over them towards their journey in capturing a group title. All of that ended Saturday afternoon at Paulsboro High School for Gloucester. The Lions defense was hungry and came up big in the second half of this first round of the South Jersey Group I playoff game. By keeping the Red Raiders scoreless, Gloucester posted a 15-0 victory to advance to the next round against the top seeded Cougars from Schalick.

During the first half, neither team was able to sustain a drive that would produce points on the scoreboard. That was until Tom Ferry sent his 27-yard field goal attempt through the uprights 59 seconds before the half ended. Leading only by a single field goal, Paulsboro attempted the tie the game late in the third quarter. That attempt was blocked and the Lions used that momentum to set up the game’s first touchdown. Andrew Brandt was very thankful for the huge hole the offensive line provided him and ran 34 yards for the score with 2:04 remaining.

On paper, a team trailing by nine points in the fourth quarter would be considered still in the game. The Lions defense had other plans as they kept the pressure on the Red Raiders offense. Linebacker Steven Myers’ individual efforts had to be the play of the day. Getting around the corner, quarterback Paul Giordano never saw Myers coming. In one sweet motion, a sack, fumble recovery and 15-yard touchdown sealed the victory for Gloucester.

Photos by Mark Fletcher

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