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Panthers Split Their Back-to-Back Schedule

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

Sure Camden’s boy’s basketball team has been through a lot during the past two weeks concerning their seeding in the upcoming group playoffs. All of those issues that have led to the Panthers losing their top seed in the South Jersey Group IV bracket have nothing to do with the actual players participating in the game. Once the ball is tip off indicating the start of the game, all that matters is executing the plays, strong defense and scoring more points than your opponent. After losing to Woodrow Wilson yesterday in a close game, Camden would travel to Paul VI the very next day. The Eagles and Camden got together for an Olympic Conference National Division game that watched the Panthers run away with the 97-76 victory.

For Paul VI, you could say that scoring seventy points against the powerful Panthers could be viewed as a good measuring stick for their first round playoff game. Seeded as the eighth seed in the Parochial A bracket against Bishop Ahr, seeded ninth, seems to be an easy task after battling Camden for four quarters. That road to the finals doesn’t get that easy during the next round. If the Eagles advance, the number one seed St. Augustine will be awaiting the winning of that first round game.

As for Camden, by now most have read or heard the news about losing their number one seed and dropping to the ninth seed because of the ruling of an ineligible player on the court. That decision now has the Panthers facing the eighth seeded Quakers from Moorestown during the first round. Ironically, if and when the Panthers win their first round single elimination game, they will have the chance of taking the top seed back if they defeat Williamstown during the second round. Stay tuned.

The fast pace running Panthers bolted out to a 10-point advantage with everyone getting involved with the scoring. Paul VI did wake up during the second quarter by keeping pace with Camden. But the scoreboard still showed a double-digit lead for the Panthers at the break. The second half was no different than the first as Camden continued to build on their lead for the rest of the game. Cass led Camden with 23 points, Smalls 21 and Moore added 19 points for the Panthers. Harper contributed a game high 24 points, Wooten added 17 points as well as Hines for Paul VI.

Photos by Mark Fletcher

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