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Defense Stops Camden Catholic, Grimes Highlights Paul VI Win

Saturday, November 25, 2006

By George Brookings
SJSports Special Correspondent

It was that time of the early when the traditional Thanksgiving football game could be found in your neighborhood. On Saturday at Paul VI High School, the Eagles were hosting the Fighting Irish in another one of those old time classic match ups. The Irish has had their way so far in their series against one another, but this was a different season for the Eagles. Paul VI would rely on their defense during the fourth quarter coming up with a key defensive play and maintain their three point lead. That’s when Jonathan Grimes scored the final touchdown of the game giving Paul VI the 17-7 victory over the Fighting Irish.

It would be a day the Jonathan Grimes would remember for a very long time. During the opening series for Camden Catholic, Grimes’ interception set up the Eagles first scoring drive which started at the Irish 35-yard line. Several plays later, Grimes had his number called for the second time during the series and crossed the goal line from six yards out. After Joe Owens’ extra point attempt sailed through the uprights, Paul VI would jump out to an early 7-0 lead. The Irish would have a couple of chances in getting points on the scoreboard during the first half, but the Eagles’ defense would be able to stop the dangerous Greg Wannamaker and the rest of the Irish offense.

Starting off the second half with a seven point lead, Owens would expand the Eagles lead to 10-0 when he connected on a 28 yard field goal. Later on during the third quarter, Wannamaker would finally get the Irish back into this game when he scored on a 14-yard touchdown run and Camden Catholic only trail by three points. The Irish’s offense would move their offense deep into Eagles territory during the fourth quarter, but a big time defensive play by Makiyn Turner ended Camden Catholic’s threat. The Eagles continued to call on Grimes to move the ball on the ground and he would score on a 9-yard run and seal the victory for Paul VI.

Photos by Hugh Tsung

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