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Gloucester Catholic Squeezes Past Pennsville

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

By Crystal Parker
SJSports Staff Writer

It seemed as if this game would never end with both opposing pitchers having their way through seven innings. Pennsville’s Jaime Carlson and Gloucester Catholic’s Brianne Tobin were able to maintain a scoreless tie up until the ninth inning when finally someone scored that illusive winning run. With Linda Hahn at third base and one out, Gloucester Catholic’s Desiree Wilson laid down a suicide squeeze bunt towards the mound. Hahn would slide in safely scoring the eventually game winning run. The Rams would tack on a few more runs to preserve their 4-0 victory.

The Tri-County Conference divisional leaders would meet head to head, testing their skills against formable opponents. Both teams were undefeated in their respective divisions with Pennsville on top of the Classic Division and the Royal Division led by the Lady Rams. Their success this season has a lot to do with their hurlers on the mound. Both teams were held hitless until the sixth inning. Still, no team could manage a way to get a rally going.

Things started to come apart for Pennsville during the top of the tenth inning. Hahn was able to start the inning off with a single. Coach Julie McHenry called for the sacrifice bunt and it worked. With very next batter, Carlson was unable to come up with the ground and Gloucester Catholic had runners on first and third with one out. That’s when Carlson gobbled Hahn’s squeeze bunt up, but the throw was not in time. Another error by the defense set up three more runs and the Rams were able to cruise the rest of the way.

Photos by Mark Fletcher

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