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Marker Sets Tone In Neumann Opener

Friday, September 29, 2000

By Mike Pontonio
SJSports Special Correspondent

The first game of the year for Rancocas Valley versus Neumann began tonight with high hopes of having a very successful season. Both these team are considered the best teams in Tier 2, and if they were in Tier 1 would be very competitive with against the lower tier teams. Neumann would outlast their opponent and win their opening season game 5-2 against a determined Rancocas Valley team.

This game started out surprisingly very fast and the speed of this game was very noticeable for a Tier 2 matchup. Rancocas started out controlling the first five minutes and scored their first goal when Gary Miller put the puck in the net with the assist from Kyle Tuliano. The game switch with Eddie Marker taking control scoring the next two goals. At the end of the period, Neumann was ahead of Rancocas 2-1 with the shots in favor of Rancocas 11 to 8.

The second period seem to be Marker's period for Neumann. He would score with the assist from Dominic Fratengeli. That was the only goal in that period. The second period was the best period especially watching Marker and his unbelievable play. He definitely would be considered the best player in the whole league. His speed is as fast as some of the best players in Tier 1 with quicker hands.

Going in to the third period, Marker again scored to make it 4 to 1 as he had all four goals. The last goal was assisted by Sackiogla. Marker also had an assist to in the game. Late in the game, Rancocas put pressure on and scored to come back with in two goals scored by Eric Preass. The intense play continued for Rancocas with 5 minutes to go and almost scoring. But Mckissick scored for Neumann assisted by Porreca, but could not overcome the lead Neumann had established. The victory went to Neumann both goalies played great. Shot on net were Rancocas 34, Neumann 25.

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