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Rancocas Valley Wins Divisional Battle Against Pennsauken

Saturday, September 15, 2001

By Jerome Michaels
SJSports Special Correspondent

This game featured Rancocas Valley winning both sides of the game through four quarters. Running back George Calhoun ignited the Red Devils' attack when they faced the Pennsauken Indians at Pennsauken High School. Rancocas Valley defeated Pennsauken 32-8 which saw Calhoun scored twice to put the game in the win column for the Red Devils.

This battle started out with Rancocas Valley winning the coin toss but deferred their decision to the Indians. The Red Devil's defense stopped Pennsauken's offensive and punted the ball to Rancocas Valley. Moving the ball well down field help set up the first score of the game. Calhoun scored from the 6-yards out and the Red Devil's lead early by the 7-0 score. After a field goal by Jon Abbott, Calhoun got the Red Devils another touchdown. This time he scored on a 1-yard run. Abbott then kicked his second 37-yard field goal and Rancocas Valley were ahead 19-0 at the half.

Running back Bill Howell increased the Red Devils' lead to 25-0 when he scored on a 10-yard touchdown run. Finally, the Pennsauken Indians scored their first touchdown in the third quarter. Andrew Virnelli tossed a 12-yard pass to tight end Darnell Rippey. Virnelli ran in for the 2-point conversion and the score was 25-8. Todd Baldwin completed the scoring for the game when he received a touchdown pass from Dan Dudley.

Photos by Art Redd

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