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St. Augustine Prep Freshman Play Major Roles

Friday, January 11, 2002

By Max Walins
SJSports Special Correspondent

Let it be known that two freshmen are making significant contributions to the St. Augustine Prep (8-1) basketball team. They have been influential and play makers in every game for the Hermits. Here is a closer look at these young stars.

Myron Rolle (Galloway Township) is 6'3" around 180lbs. He plays multiple positions for Paul Rodio including small forward, power forward etc. This tuned athlete is averaging around 9 points and 9 boards a game coming off the bench at the 6th man spot. He has tremendous leaping abilities and a smooth shot. The downside is that Rolle is also a football star and started both sides of the ball for the Varsity football team. The question is will he continue to play basketball and be on of the top players in the state, if not nation or will he hit the grid iron and get scholarships from the Nebraska's of the world.

Anthony Farmer (Millville) is the better player out of the two. He is the #2 ranked Freshman in the state and has lived up to all his billings so far. Farmer starts for the Hermits and averages 12 points per game with 5 assists. He is a 6'1" 175 pound wingman with strong penetration skills and knack for the basketball. When he gets to the paint it is basically an automatic two points. Farmer can do unlimited things with his potential. There and not many things he can't do when he gets going. Rumor has it that he is getting looked at by Duke and Maryland already. Wow, only being a Freshman and having Coach K knocking on your door, that's something.

It is not unusual for the Prep to start Freshmen. Scott Greenman, now headed to Princeton, started as Freshman for the Prep. Paul Rodio lives or dies by his two freshmen. He will win many more games with his studs so let it be known, St. Augustine is legit for 3 more years.

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