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Saturday, September 18, 2004

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Staff Writer

On a day when the Overbrook High School Rams played against the Salem High School Rams, this headline wouldn't go wrong. But on a day that saw both teams compete for every inch of the field, the headline just doesn't tell the story. Salem playing without one of its biggest guns Lamont Robinson, who is on the road to recovery from an auto accident suffered over the summer, had to find a way to replace all that he brings to the team. Coach Lindenmuth didn't find one replacement, he found a group of guys who were fully prepared to step up and accept the challenge that not having Robinson in the lineup presented.

Corey Smith carried the ball 27 times for 177 yards against an Overbrook defensive that played their hearts out, these guys were just as determined to stop him as he was determined to not be stopped. Corey and the rest of the Salem team won this battle of attrition by a score of 12-0 with Smith scoring both tds. With the weather being rainy and the field being muddy the team with the better running game stood to make the most noise and on this day the Salem offensive front got the job done more often than the Overbrook front.

While pitching this shut out the Salem D played a style of ball that let people know that getting yards against them will be a really tough proposition, these guys played with a sense of understanding that they would have to work to keep Overbrook out of the endzone so that there would be no misunderstandings. Corey Moore played out of his mind, if he wasn’t leading Corey Smith through holes on offense; he was the guy making the big tackles on defense, finishing the game with 16.

The first game of the season saw Salem answer some questions, some very tough questions, but with this being just the first game in the season you can best believe that there are still more to be answered.

Photos by Nancy L. Pope

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