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Eastern Takes Shawnee In Olympic Conference

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

By Forrest Robleto
SJSports Staff Writer

Wayne Shannon of Shawnee had two perfect games in January, one against Eastern on their lanes, but on his birthday he had a bad day. He only bowled a 566 series. While respectable enough, 566 was well below Josh Friedman's match high series of 679 and not nearly enough to keep the Olympic Conference American Division leading Eastern High School from taking three out of four points.

In the girl's competition, Shawnee was hurt by an injury to Tara Riley. Because she was unable to bowl (and will not bowl for the remainder of the season), Shawnee was forced to take the low score from Eastern less 25 pins. Had Tara been able to bowl - and bowled at least a 98 in game 2 or a 103 in game 3, Shawnee would have taken either of those points. As it was, the teams split 2-2.


EasternGame 1Game 2Game 3Total
Steve Ferroni183203195581
Keith Chew171158163492
Fenimore Madrid191198149538
Mike Mullin170153203526
Josh Friedman248193236679

ShawneeGame 1Game 2Game 3Total
Wayne Shannon183203180566
Rich Fenimore184151186521
Tom Bassenfelder201188157546
Paul Molinari195202185582
Jake Robbins185--185
Chris Rensman-189178367


EasternGame 1Game 2Game 3Total
Kelly Zams125146173444
Kim Miu13811094342
Tracie Pineda88118102304
Toni Gellura105132119356
Charity Pikovski169180170519

ShawneeGame 1Game 2Game 3Total
Michelle Webb208148142498
Tara Riley0000
Ebony Bratten141104114359
Erin Riley147145128420
Pam Langoski212192171575
Adj. Total**7716746242085
** adjusted for Tara Riley's points

Photos by Forrest Robleto

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