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Shawnee Ice Hockey Club Wins Hat Trick

Friday, October 30, 1998

By Alan Dennison
SJSports Student Correspondent

Shawnee Ice Hockey Club's undefeated season continues with wins against Cherry Hill West, Holy Cross and St. John Neumann. In the Cherry Hill West game, Shawnee won 5-l with dual goals by assistant Capt. Dan Rybeck and Steve Szubatora. Keith Williams also scored. Cherry Hill West's goal was scored by Garden. Play was intense and exciting!

On October 23rd, the Renegades met Holy Cross and came away with their 4th win . The score again was 5-l. Shawnee goals were scored by Kevin Eppolite twice, Chris Nase, and Chris Grundther. Holy Cross' goal was scored by Saddowski. Another exciting game.

October 26th found the renegades facing St. John Neumann. Shawnee dominated and won l0-2. A hat trick was scored by Dan Rybeck. Dual goals again were scored by Kevin Eppolite and Chris Nase. Single goals by Keith Williams, Chris Grundther, and Bryson Sundberg finished off the game. Shawnee faces St. John Neumann again on November 6th at Hollydell.

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