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Shawnee Doesn't Disappoint Home Fans with the 'Revenge Game'

Friday, October 8, 2004

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

Some of you may remember an old science fiction show that stated, ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’. Friday night at Shawnee High School, the Renegades had their chance to payback a team that handedly defeated them last year ending a six game winning streak. The Vikings from Eastern would do everything they could repeat their feat but Shawnee had other plans. Scoring twice in the first quarter, a 90 yard kickoff return and then a third quarter score was enough to hold off the Vikings and allow the Shawnee fans celebrate their 27-17 victory.

“This game has all the hype of an NFL game. Two undefeated teams ready to prove which team is the better coached team, with the better athletes,” mentioned Douglas Sawyer who was showing his Shawnee faithful colors. “We’re ready to beat these guys after ending our winning streak last year.” Sawyer was one of many fans trying to find room to stand along the fence to get into good position to view the game.

When the Renegades score the first points of the game, they were well on their way of scoring as many points in the loss last year to the Vikings. Shawnee move the ball successfully on their first possession and finished the scoring drive on Evan Francks on yard run. When Eastern punted the ball back to Shawnee, right back to work the Renegades went this time scoring on Kassidy Smith’s 24-yard touchdown run. These two players were not done scoring on the night.

Eastern finally showed that they were capable of moving the ball against the Renegades defense when Jahre Cheeseman scored from one yard out. Eastern only trialed now 14-7, but Smith found lanes to run through on the ensuing kickoff and crossed the goal for a 90 yard touchdown. At the break, Shawnee held a 20-10 lead.

Eastern had all the signs of a comeback in the third quarter when Andrew Daley completed an 8 yard touchdown pass to Marcus Turner midway through the quarter. During that same quarter and leading only by three points, Francks expanded that margin on his 2 yard run and Shawnee would be able to hold off the Vikings for the remainder of the game.

Photos by Mark Fletcher

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