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Mock Charges Timber Creek Past Cherry Hill West

Friday, September 8, 2006

By Jerome Michaels
SJSports Special Correspondent

Every team needs it and it’s priceless when a team has the opportunity to us it. Geoffrey Mock, junior runningback for Timber Creek, was able to use his speed and quickness to elusively make something happen when the play didn’t go as planned. On the first day of a brand new high school football season, the Chargers from Timber Creek were hosting the Lions from Cherry Hill West. On each of his three touchdowns scored during the first half, Mock’s ability to find his way around the Lions’ defense and allow his speed to do the rest. Timber Creek would pick up the opening night victory by outscoring Cherry Hill West 19-0 in a Burlington/Olympic Conference matchup.

It’s that time of the season were predictions are tested to see if a team performs up to everyone expectations. The way the Lions started out this game, it appeared that Timber Creek’s defense were in for a very long day. Wing backs Nate Owens and Duane Wallace took on most of the assignments of finding the lanes to run through created by the offensive line. Cherry Hill West started out their opening drive just outside their thirty-yard line. With the Lions inside their opponent’s twenty yard line, Timber Creek’s defense was able to put a halt to the Lions’ drive at the five yard line.

The Chargers’ offense didn’t start out well as they were faced with a third and ten from their own 19 yard line. Mock would receive the ball from quarterback Brett Vetterly. With no room to run on the left side, Mock reversed his path and took off down the right sideline and was pushed out at the 10 yard line. Three plays later, Mock finished off the drive by scoring on a 5 yard touchdown run. During the second quarter, two more rushing touchdowns from 2 and 39 yards by Mock and Timber Creek had a commanding 19-0 lead at halftime. Cherry Hill West would start out the second half running the back with some success, but the Charger’s defense would maintain their shutout for the remainder of the game.

Photos by Art Redd

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