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Fall Athletic Teams Bring Winning Back To Triton

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

By Bob Wankel
SJSports Student Correspondent

Triton athletics are known for their scrappy, never say die attitude. However, it seems as if when you open up the paper to see what's going on in high school sports, very seldom do you see Triton amongst the Shawnees, Easterns, and Washington Townships of South Jersey high school sports. However, things change, they are indeed different this year.

The Triton Mustang football team who struggled immensely last year with a 2-8 campaign has made a remarkable turn around under new head coach Bill Fisher. The team has already doubled its entire win total from last year through just 6 games. Seeing Triton on the football schedule isn't so much fun anymore as teams are quickly finding out.

Girl's soccer is also pulling off something quite special. After an average start, they reeled off an impressive winning streak including a critical victory against #2 Cherry Hill West in the Courier Post Top 20 poll. Despite injuries, and other obstacles the team endured during the season, they have some how managed to roll off enough clutch wins to send themselves an invitation to the state tournament.

Despite an off season by boy's varsity soccer team, goalkeeper Justin Milo and Andrew Hart were awarded spots on the first team all conference. Eric Gallagher and Tom Cullen both made second team all conference. Despite the teams record, the program should improve immensely next season with an upgraded defense and players that can put the ball in the net.

Oh, and were not done yet. The Triton field hockey team is also amongst one of the tougher teams in South Jersey and finds themselves among those in the state tournament. Despite being young, girl's cross country has been highly competitive this season along with boys' cross country who is currently ranked #13 in the Courier Post Top 20 poll.

Interestingly enough, despite the success of the Triton fall athletic programs, boys' cross country is the only team currently ranked among the top twenty. However, to the athletes around here the mentality is one that suggests they don't need a top twenty poll to tell them what they are accomplishing is something special and is not just a fluke.

Even at that, it is definitely time this school gets the respect that is deserves in the papers, and on the playing field, because the teams around here are bringing winning back to Triton and putting the letter L in their opponents loss columns.

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