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2002 Triton Winter Sports Preview

Thursday, December 13, 2001

By Bob Wankel
SJSports Staff Writer

The Triton Athletic Program revitalized its reputation this past fall when it's teams brought its old winning ways back to the school. The winter athletes look to keep Triton on track and keep the wins coming, although they will be up against some tough competition.

The Boys Basketball team lacks size, however what they don't have in appearance, they make up for it with hustle and defense. The team has 2 returning starters and plays with 5 seniors. Much of Triton's success this season will hinge upon the play of Junior Mario Lancioni, and Senior Captain C.J. Boyd. The Mustangs should be very competitive this year, but the success of team along with the two returning starters depends very much upon how far their defense will take them. Returning Senior Justin Milo told us, "We have some very good players, and with the way we play defense, we are going to be difficult team to play with." This team should hover around the .500 mark and will be very competitive because of the defense.

The Girls Basketball team enters the 2001-2002 season in the midst of a rebuilding year under new head coach Mrs. Wendy Frantz. In order to have success this season this team needs to, and should play with the fire and intensity that it lacked during their struggles last year. The team is led by Seniors Cherie Mcnellis, Jackie Vasinda and other key players include Junior Candi Vrooman, and Sophomore Greta Holmgren. Holmgren told us, "I'm excited about the season with Mrs. Frantz being the new coach. We should be able to have some fun, and restore pride back into the program." This team is much improved from last year, but it is a rebuilding year and nobody is really sure what to expect besides hustle.

The Triton Swim Team faces a difficult conference schedule this season, but is expected to be as competitive as usual despite the departure of former head coach Stanley Balmer.

Triton Winter Track is lead by long time Triton teacher and coach Mr. Charles Jackson. Under Jackson's direction the Triton Track Program is expected to be very solid in all areas as usual and should keep the momentum it established during the fall season in X-Country.

The Triton Wrestling Team is not only usually highly competitive, they often find themselves as front runners in the standings and this could very well be the case once again this season. The team is lead by Head Coach Robert Houlka and he expects big things from his dedicated members.

All of these teams will be competitive and have a chance to keep to succeed this season, but they will need production from unexpected sources to do so. If all goes right for some of these teams they may find themselves among the top of their respective division. However they could just as easily find themselves in the cellar. They all have potential to achieve but it will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination.

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