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Washington Township Wins Home Opener

Friday, September 7, 2001

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

Finally, teammates could stop beating up on one another getting ready for their 2001 football season. The first game on their schedule was now upon them as the Camden Panthers traveled to Washington Township to take on the Minutemen. It was now time to see if those long hours on the practice field would result in a well played game. Washington Township gave the home crowd a lot to cheer for and the Panthers leaving the game scratching their heads as the Minutemen trounced the Camden 56-6.

Starting the football season off, especially for a Friday night game, is a clear indication that the fall season is quickly approaching. Cool temperatures, long sleeve shirts and football fever could be felt as the crowd began to fill up the stadium in Washington Township. "I really think that this will be a winning season for us (Township) this year and it starts with a win tonight", said an exuberant fan entering the game.

Township wasted little time putting points on the scoreboard as they went right to work on their first possession of the game. After receiving the opening kickoff and returning the ball into Camden territory, the ground attack began to take over the game. The Minutemen offensive line worked well together in opening holes for fullback Ryne Cantwell and Nick Campochiaro. The opening drive was finally capped off with a 1 yard run by quarterback Steve Koerner.

Once the Panthers received their first possession, it was their chance work on their offensive scheme. After two unsuccessful running plays, Camden's quarterback Kevin Carmichael tossed a nice pass in between two Township defenders for what would have been a first down. But the receiver let the ball slip through his hands for an incomplete pass. That would be a play that the defense would remember. Camden has very talent receivers, but the Minutemen defensive line gave Carmichael little time to set up for the pass.

Washington Township went right back to work with a 26-yard touchdown run by Fred Bryant on their next possession. For the running game, Ryne Cantwell finished the game with two rushing touchdowns and Nick Campochiaro scored on a 14-yard run. The Minutemen defense also got points on the scoreboard when Matt Murschell returned a fumble 32-yards for a touchdown and the defense recorded a safety off of a blocked punt. Camden did score on a last second run by Kevin Carmichael to complete the scoring for this game.

Photos by Art Redd

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