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Shawnee Defeats Washington Township 3-2

Monday, October 15, 2001

By Sanipa Koetsawasdi
SJSports Staff Writer

During this cool, breezy, autumn day, five simultaneous tennis matches, two doubles matches and three singles matches, took place at Washington Lake Park, Sewell, NJ for the girls' regular tennis season. It was the ladies from Washington Township hosting the Renegades from Shawnee playing in an Olympic Confernce match. Shawnee were the winners on this day by defeating Township by a 3 to 2 score.

The first singles match was between 16 year old sophomore, Lauren Edelschein (Shawnee) vs. 15 year old sophomore, Jaimee Wylie (Township) (6-1, 6-3). Edelschein and Wylie both agreed that it was a match well played. Edelschein, who defeated Wylie by two sets, said that the game started out slow and shaky for her, but felt that she had been doing well in the past tournaments. This coming Wednesday, October 17th, she will be playing against Sacred Heart High School. Although she did extremely well in this match, she knows she needs to improve herself for her next match. She said she would need to "play more competitively, serve well overall, and work [on everything] overall". Wylie felt that this was a good battle for her, that her strokes were well, but what she really lacked was her "mental toughness". She wants to improve on her game mentally and improve her groundstrokes. She will be playing against Joanna Wong of Lenape High School this Wednesday. "Pulling out the big points, attacking the best I can, and put them on the defense instead of me being on the defense" is Wylie's strategy for improving her future games.

The other two singles matches were Andrea Barron (Shawnee) vs. Kristy Pron (Township) (6-7, 2-6) and Jessica Dentzer (Shawnee) vs. Kristin Wallace (Township) (0-6, 1-6). It was a winning streak in the doubles matches for Shawnee H.S. as Carrie Yerkes and Christine Pace (Shawnee) defeated Jennifer Rimmey and Michele Manzione (Township) (6-2, 6-4), and Erin Casda and Kim Zwiebaum (Shawnee) defeated Tiffany Carroll and Katelynn Waller (Township) (6-3, 6-1). Washington Township H.S. 16 year old Junior, Katelynn Waller, and 17 year old Senior, Tiffany Carroll, said their upset loss was a pretty bad game for them and that they could have done a lot better. They felt that their loss was due to the many unforced errors they had and not being able to get first serves in. Waller also stated that "in the first set, we were mentally there, but in the second set, we kept getting down at ourselves more than each other." Both felt that they needed to improve by hitting harder serves in the future.

Photos by Margaret Aboyme

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