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Washington Township Pins Down Another Victory Against Shawnee

Saturday, January 11, 2002

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

The Minutemen from Washington Township continued their strong hold on top of the Olympic Conference American Division with a 46-24 victory. The Renegades did not roll over during this match as they rebounded from a 10-point deficit to jump ahead when Justin Galati recorded a pin during the 171-pound match. Township would regain the lead and then put the match away when the Minutemen received pins in the last 5 out of 6 matches by Bob Cowden, Chris Niszczak, Ryan Walsh, Dave Tomasette and Steve Buckley.

Washington Township got things started with a 3-0 lead during the first match of the day. Pat Gilham put the Renegades ahead in the 130-pound match up when he pinned Steve Cerone. The Minutemen would continue the early seesaw battle as they went up 10-points, 16-6, highlighted by Mark King pin of Bill Long in the first period of the 145-pound match. Shawnee would win the next three matches and pull ahead 21-16 on Galati first period pin. Township would then cruise the rest of the way to their American Division victory.

Photos by Art Redd

125 match - Township's Matt Shelton 6-4 decision over Paul Conner

130 match - Shawnee's Pat Gilham pinned Steve Cerone

135 match - Township's Chaney Brouster 6-0 decision over Nick Mancini

140 match - Township's Tyler Tisdell 19-3 technical fall over Rich Weber

145 match - Township's Mark King pinned Bill Long

152 match - Shawnee's Paul Reed 17-0 technical fall over Chris Green

160 match - Shawnee's Justin Lucas 9-0 decision over Sean Longfellow

171 match - Shawnee's Justin Galati pinned John Brattelli

189 match - Township's Bob Cowden pinned Mike McKenna

215 match - Township's Chris Niszczak pinned Tom Gartian

Heavy Weight match - Township's Ryan Walsh pinned Jason Mahoney

103 match - Shawnee's John DeAngelis 3-2 decision over Brandon O'Hara

112 match - Township's Dave Tomasette pinned Ryan Dellemonache

119 match - Township's Steve Buckley pinned Jon Sullivan

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